Work in progress...   One of the latest project we are working on is the rebranding of The Real Olive Company. ROC was established in 1993 to supply various food market with olives and olive oils directly imported from small scale producers around the Mediterranean. Since then the company expanded into cheese production with their Toonsbridge range of mozzarella, cacciocavallo, feta, fior di latte...  The task we were given was to bring the branding of ROC into line with the established brand of Toonsbridge in view of expanding their distribution to the retail market. We designed a branding to expand what was existing and develop it into a more useable and expandable branding system. The feel is the same, but we reworked it to make it look more traditional and styled like Italian food packaging. Colours will colour-code the various products. To date, some elements have been implemented and others will come on stream as and when the products are being relaunched.