Lorenzo Tonti Design was established in 1992 and in 2016 we decided to redesign our own identity to reflect a change of direction. It was decided to refocus efforts and aim at different market which required a different approach to previous identities. A new website was required to streamline usability and make it more efficient to update. It was time to redesign ourselves! 

The logotype itself had many iterations and finally a simple solution playing on the acronym 'ltd' (which is the name of the studio, lorenzo tonti design) and the addition of 'un' created the word play 'unltd'. We thought it was clever, and more importantly, memorable! We wanted to keep the identity simple and clean, and visually strong. That is essential for us to express how we like to work and at the same time show a love for wordplay and name creation. Crisp typography was also a central part of he visual message, and the detailing in those five letters took some considerable amount of time to resolve!  The things we designers do to make something legible and visually pleasing... It is always one of the most difficult and challenging project to design one's own identity, with so many options and a constant the temptation to be more 'designy'. Ultimately, adoption a solution that is simple and effective is the most appropriate solution for the project, and one that we embraced fully.