Our aim is to always create a working relationship with clients that goes beyond the client / designer model, one where both parties are partners in the creative process, mindful of each other’s needs and strengths, and professional roles. Projects are a collaboration, and this approach will build a longer and more fruitful working relationship which will help the client expand and develop their visual communication more effectively.

We believe in understanding a client and the business’ needs, and we know that such understanding is an essential element of making the project a success. A clear understanding of the immediate and future commercial needs will help us build an effective strategy for effective visual communications into the future. It’s all about listening carefully and building a creative strategy. This culminates in the writing of a framework for the project, a design brief.

Creative analysis & intuition
Part of the design process is a considerable amount of analysis, dialogue, and intuition based on years of experience in solving visual problems. Our preferred way of working is to involve clients from an early stage of the process for constant feedback. We prefer to present ideas and ‘finished sketches’ rather than finished solutions at this stage—unsuitable directions and solutions can be eliminated early.

Design detailing
Following the feedback we work on the solutions which are seen as most appropriate for the project. This is development work where ‘sketches’ become complete and near to finalised. Detailing of shapes, colours, typography and layout are taken care of and will be as close as possible to the finished solution. 

As part of the detailing work we will show how the design work will be used and applied to various media. Careful consideration is given to technical and visual needs to ensure the work is seen at its best under all possible circumstances.

Finally, once all has been designed, discussed, tweaked and resolved, we advance to the production stage. We work with a number of printers and manufacturers for anything that has a physical presence, and with suppliers for anything that is of an online nature. We always aim to work with the best possible suppliers to achieve the best possible result.