Ferrybank is a small community near Waterford City, on the opposite side of a river from the main city, and is reached by a road bridge. In the past, there was a ferry operated by two men, which offered a more affordable crossing to the toll bridge. The community came to be known as Ferrybank due to the ferry landing.

We were asked to design an identity for the Tidy Towns Committee of Ferrybank. The task was to design something based on a particular historic photograph. This image is very recognisable locally and was felt it depicted the history, but also the spirit of collaboration and enterprise so vital to the community. We used the image as the starting point for a visual identity. This identity needed to be flexible, both in terms of it being used by various community groups and initiatives, but also in terms of the varied applications, from printed material to online, marketing collaterals, etc.

The solution involved creating a system rather than a single, fixed symbol. This system comprises various elements which can be combined in different permutations according of where it is used. These elements are fixed in terms of colour and font, but can change shape and position. Only one element has a different colour, depending on what community group's is displayed.