Brady Thomas is an Oakland based, award-wining wedding photographer who also specialises in equine images— and sometimes the two subjects come together on the same shoot! 

The brief from Brady was to design a logo for the rebranding of her business. Her new identity had to reflect the modern nature of her work and also not show any stereotypical 'wedding' imagery. She is NOT a typical wedding photographer, preferring to shoot weddings in unusual locations and with clients that are far more open to a different approach. 

The lettering style was chosen for clarity and simplicity. This logo leaves the images to speak for themselves and does not interfere with her work. It acts more as a discreet signature than a big stamp. The ligature between the 'y' and the 'a' symbolises the union of two people. The use of this simple device creates an uniqueness to her logotype and is discreet, not overpowering. The essence of a wedding photographer: assured and firm but discreet when needed.   (site is coming soon)